Principal's Message

I am delighted to have this opportunity to address our students, their parents, educationists and all who are committed to the cause of education in our country. At Vidhya Valley Public School (VVPS), our focus is on achieving excellence not only in academics but also in co-curricular activities and life skills. Students are encouraged to be open-minded, analytical and constructive.

Gandhiji said, “By education, I mean, drawing out of the best, in child and man, body, mind and spirit.”

Opportunities are created, at VVPS, for a training of mind, body, hand and eye, of purpose, integrity in work and loyalty to a cause that certainly includes, but goes beyond the means of material satisfaction. All these opportunities are aimed at drawing out innate talent and abilities to the fore. The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values. We aim towards a value- based learning environment where the children are determined to follow good and avoid evil. Our 21st century learners need more techno- based teaching and we have taken a step ahead to equip our classrooms with the same.

We also take care of attitudes, competencies and skills and the focus is placed in making the students ambitious holistic individuals with sound character and well groomed personality -striving for excellence. I wish to commend the support of the school management as well as the diligence and dedication of the the teachers and staff, who unflinchingly and tirelessly work to fulfil our mission. I also take this opportunity to gratefully acknowledge the guidance provided by the C.B.S.E. officials for achieving the goals of its enterprising and progressive policies and programmes. Last but not least, on behalf of the Family of VVPS, I reiterate our appreciation for the encouragement, trust and affection of the parents of our students, and our association with innumerable well-wishers and friends for being a source of infinite strength to us. JAI HIND.

Mrs. Sapna Raj (M.A. (Sociology) M.Ed.
Vidhya Valley Public School, Sehore.